Hello friends!  Thanks for taking a look around here! I'm Kelly, from Kelly Ann 3 Photography, and I truly love taking pictures!  I have been a professional photographer for 6 years, but I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember.  The art of photography is an evolution of so many years of learning, practice and experience.  I have been trained and mentored with some of the best photographers in our industry, and continue to learn new information, and techniques daily.  If you ever stop to talk with me about photography, you will quickly see that I am an open book about all that I know.  I love to share as much as I love to learn from others.  I anticipate and hope that my portraits and business will grow and improve every year.  This business is a forever learning and evolving one, and I'm in it for the long run. 

The why behind the business has so many facets.  The biggest thing for me has been, and always will be the memories.  I truly feel that photos are the way to tell your story.  What was happening in your life at that moment.  I'd love to be a part of capturing those exact moments for you to look back at many years from now.  I'd like to guide you in printing them for exactly what you want to use them for, to keep them available to enjoy every day!


I am currently living in Durham, NC, and moved here from a 7 year stay in Kingman, AZ...A far different environment than where I grew up in Western NY.  The beauty I found in moving to Kingman is just amazing to photograph.  There are so many gorgeous and inspiring places!  I am convinced that the 7 years that we lived in the desert made me a far better photographer, pushing me to see new beauty, lighting, color and creating a far more challenging place to push myself.  Since relocating back east, I am so excited to continue my learning and growth in the much greener surroundings.  I do travel back to the desert to book sessions at least once a year.  I also have expanded to including other travel destinations in my plans.  If you have a gorgeous place you think that I need to visit, don't hesitate to share it with me!

This beautiful photo was taken by my friend and Kingman, Az photographer Melissa at MLoueez Photography.