You may be taking a look at all of this and wondering where to get started.  And possibly, what your photography experience will entail.  Here is a brief summary of your portrait experience with Kelly Ann 3 Photography.

CONTACT:  You make contact with me to inquire about scheduling a photography session.  I receive your inquiry (from Facebook, Instagram, or directly through this website) and call you back......Yes on the phone!  This way we can discuss any questions that you may have about scheduling and setting up you session.  We discuss what type of photos you are interested in, locations, and set up a pre-session consultation meeting.

PRE SESSION CONSULTATION:  We chat about your expectations for you portrait session, and I explain to you all that I provide for you in your session.  I show you several different options for locations to take your photos.  You receive a digital welcome packet with all the information that is needed for planning your portrait fine art purchases.  I also give you a little background on what to wear, and the beautiful client closet that I have available to you to use as you'd like, with my guidance.

PREPARATION FOR YOU SESSION:  I love to assist you with clothing ideas, coordination with your family and suggestions for where to purchase your outfits.....or how to use what you already have.  I have a rather large client closet, including my little Hazel's fun closet, that I love to open to you and your family to wear on the day of your session.  I want only the very best for you family art, and will assist in any way I can to create the perfect look for you, your family, and for the artwork that will be hanging in your home for generations to come.

THE PHOTO SESSION:  We meet at an established location to photograph your portrait session.  Depending on the type of session you have booked, this may take from 20 to 90 minutes.  I've never been known to cut a session short.  I want every perfect shot that you can imagine.  All sessions are set up late afternoon, early evening before sunset.  The lighting is the most wonderful at this time, and I insist that you have only the best for your photos.  I will work with you to see what is the best time for your family, keeping in mind my artistic vision for your final portrait.

AFTER THE PORTRAIT SESSION:  Two weeks following your portraits, we will set up a zoom viewing session via a simple online invite to view and chose your perfect photos.  You will view approximately 20-60 lightly edited photos to chose from, depending on the type of session that you booked.  You will be presented with several options for purchase including digital files, album layouts, wall arrangements, photo collages and table top displays.  This is your time to chose your photos that will become a part of your family memories to be passed down for generations to come.

THE FINAL REVEAL:  Approximately 4-6 weeks after your purchasing session you will receive your treasured photos.  They will be fine art explicitly edited and prepared for you with care.  You will receive guides on how to care for you new collection, and contact information for questions that you may have in the future.

ARCHIVING:  All final photos are archived in my database for future purchases.  

Durham, NC

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