Shannon and Brian visit from Las Vegas

I had the honor to take photos for an old friend from high school!  I have not seen Shannon since the days of heading home for the holidays while I was still in college.  It's been so many years!  So you can imagine I was so thrilled when she tracked me down and asked if I would photograph her family.  


Shannon and Brian packed up the littles and drove down here to Kingman, Arizona for her family photos!  Can you imagine crossing state lines and everything to come and see me!  The drive from Las Vegas is actually a nice easy one.  We make that trip fairly often.  But the tricky part of this outing was the time change.  Yes there is a time change between Nevada and Arizona during daylight savings time.  Both Shannon and I forgot to be sure that they planned for that in their trip.  But thank goodness we had plenty of time (and light) to get in all of the photos we were hoping for.


With small children things have to move quickly, as they lose their interest in the crazy lady with the camera pretty quickly.  But then the fun begins.  Some of my favorite shots are those candid, on the move ones.  And with small kids you can be sure that's going to be a part of your photos.  I always tell my clients, I don't think I have a straight on smiling photo of my middle child until he was 6!  And guess what, that's ok.  This is where your children are today.  A year, two, ten years from now they will be an entirely new person.  Capture them as they are right now.






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