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From your Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina Family and Children's Fine Art Photographer


What Your Heart Longs For From Your Portraits.......

Your family needs for me to tell your story, the love, the excitement, the milestones.  To express the light, colors, all makes up the tale we weave together.  You need me to show the vision you want for your memories.  You long for me to bring life to that story for your family.  You must have that feeling of joy, love, fleeting perfection that must be frozen through my lens and shared with generations to come.  Artwork curated, perfected, designed and hung in your home for all to see.  Don't wait, let us do this together.

You may be taking a look at all of this and wondering where to get started.  And possibly, what your photography experience will entail.  Here is a brief summary of your portrait experience with Kelly Ann 3 Photography.

CONTACT:  You make contact with me to inquire about scheduling a photography session.  I receive your inquiry and schedule a phone consultation.  This way we can discuss any questions that you may have about scheduling and setting up you session.  We discuss dates and style of your dream session. If you're not available on the phone, we'll chat via text or email.  I am pretty flexible.  We can work around what's best for both of us.

PRE SESSION CONSULTATION:  We chat about your expectations for you portrait session, and I explain to you all that I provide for you in your session. I answer any questions that you may have on dates, times and pricing and we set up a retainer for your session.

PREPARATION FOR YOU SESSION:  I show you several different options for locations to take your photos.  You receive a digital welcome packet with all the information that is needed for planning your portrait fine art purchases.  I also give you a little background on what to wear, and the beautiful client closet that I have available to you to use as you'd like, with my guidance. love to assist you with clothing ideas, coordination with your family and suggestions for where to purchase your outfits.....or how to use what you already have.  I have a rather large client closet, including my little Hazel's fun closet, that I love to open to you and your family to wear on the day of your session.  I want only the very best for you family art, and will assist in any way I can to create the perfect look for you, your family, and for the artwork that will be hanging in your home for generations to come.

THE PHOTO SESSION:  We meet at an established location to photograph your portrait session.  Depending on the type of session you have booked.  The majority of sessions are set up early evening before sunset.  Since moving to North Carolina, I have found a few locations that work beautifully for early morning light as well.  this works especially well for families who worry about little ones with early bedtimes.  The lighting is the most complimentary to my style closest to sunrise and sunset, and I insist that you have only the best for your photos.  I will work with you to see what is the best time for your family, keeping in mind my artistic vision for your final portrait.

AFTER THE PORTRAIT SESSION:  Approximately 6 weeks following your portraits, I will set up a gallery viewing sessions with you.  10-40 photos will be presented for your selection, depending on your session.  You will have custom wall designs, albums, wall art as well as digital options available for purchase.

ARCHIVING:  All final photos that have been purchased at your session are archived in my database.  Photos not chosen will be purged yearly from my database

INVESTMENT: Session retainer fees are $200 to reserve your date.  Packages start at $600.  Typical investments start at $1200.

I want to share your moments, your memories, your love for your babies.  I want to capture every little snuggle, all the cuddles and hugs, the laughs and the giggles.  I even love those big emotions, the tears, the tempers, everything that makes your moments yours.  I want to see that perfect and the imperfect that makes up YOU. I know how you crave for that from me.  You need that from what I can give to you.  There are so few things in life that will hold the value of a photograph.  A moment frozen in time.  A perfect memory, otherwise gone.  Let's do this together.....



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